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WRB is an experienced Solar PV Supplier & Installer Contractor, with over 15 years of Solar PV expert knowledge and 30 years of electrical installation experience. Our extensive experience with the Electrical Contracting sector has allowed us to grow into a thriving Solar PV Supplier.

With a wealth of knowledge industry wide, we provide a fully integrated Electrical and renewable energy solution to the Existing properties or new build projects across the Private, Commercial, and Public Sector.

We will manage all aspects of a project from design and supply through to installation and aftercare. By providing a comprehensive service within one company ensures we can provide maximum value and constantly deliver beyond our clients’ hopes.

Why Choose Solar Energy

Due to the consistent amount of sun that the earth receives, solar energy is one of the most efficient sources of renewable energy. Solar energy is currently the fastest-growing renewable energy source thanks to the constantly developing technologies that are currently being developed.

Here are the top 7 reasons to Choose Solar PV

UK SOL Solar Panel Stockists

WRB are proud to be in partnership with UKSOL to be their main supplier with Ireland.

These panels are European made and come with a 30-year Performance Warranty. They are the latest half cell technology. Implementing half-cut cells in solar panels can help improve the power output of a solar panel system. Half-cut solar cells are exactly what their name suggests – they are traditional silicon solar cells that have been cut in half using a laser cutter.

  • Lower resistive losses. A half-cut cell carries half the current and a quarter of the resistance of a full cell. So a complete half-cell module has the same current but half the resistance of a regular module. Resistance = wasted power, meaning a half cell solar panel can boost output by around 3%.
  • Durability. Since the cells are physically smaller, they are more averse to cracking.
  • Shade resistance. A regular panel is made up of 3 rows of cells connected in series with bypass diodes. If one cell is shaded, a third of the panel’s output can be lost. But in a half-cut panel, there are 6 rows of cells. So, if one of the cells is shaded, only a sixth of the output is lost.
  • Less chance of hotspots. With a lower current in each cell, there’s less heat concentration.
  • Reduced installation area. Roof space can be saved using half cell technology.